I Can Concert

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What is ‘I Can’ Concert?

The Great Big Welly Fest festival team are a dedicated team of professional individuals with a wealth of experience and talent surrounding music and performing arts.

We cannot think of anything more inspiring than to plant the seed to create ‘Music Roots’ and performance (confidence) skills in children of all ages to learn and have fun through music and the arts.  As a result ‘I Can’ Concert was born.

‘I Can’ Concert is a live music project designed to give budding young musicians a unique and exciting opportunity to explore different styles and types of music from a safe platform by performing and working with professional musicians, giving them unforgettable experiences.


Led by experienced performers, musicians and event organisers, ‘I Can’ Concert is an exciting way of providing children with the experience of building towards a music event enabling them to be part of something they will remember for a lifetime.

Children will work as part of a team and develop musical and performance skills as individuals.

Schools Benefit

The programme is designed to inspire children to foster a love of music and performance that will benefit arts based subjects within the national curriculum.

We are happy to give schools the opportunity to structure programmes around events that are taking place in the school.
For example the concert content could be structured around Africa if this is a topic that is a feature of the curriculum.

Please talk to us about your school music projects to enable us to work on tailoring an event for you.

Overall Objective

Children will be enthused by the project and the event will be an experience that will live long in the memory. By participating in the project, teamwork skills will be fostered and children will have a sense of pride in what they have achieved.  They will also be provided with a special certificate to show they have taken part.

Projects will be delivered and any profits from them will be used to develop future programmes and shared with nominated charities.