‘Happy’ Concert – 1 week to go!

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We have a week to go before our first event of 2018, it is a concert in Wakefield Cathedral called, “HAPPY”. The show will feature Faryl Smith who is a topical artist because Britain’s Got Talent is screening on television at present and this was the show that made her a household name.

Faryl launched her debut album when aged 13 that surpassed all previous classical albums by becoming the fastest selling debut album by a classical artist, making it to the top five of the commercial charts.
It’s hard to get across, in a print advert or through social media, an indication of how good her voice actually is.

Faryl Smith @ Wakefield Cathedral

We’ve been lucky to hear her live at a recent rehearsal and it’s great to report that her voice has lost none of its appeal, the sound created at the rehearsal was simply stunning.
Faryl is so committed to the project that she made a visit to Wakefield to visit the Cathedral and many of the people taking part in the HAPPY concert on May 5th.

Lots of hard work has gone into the production and Faryl and the other artists have been busy learning songs that are poignant given that the HAPPY concert is aimed at inspiring children and providing them with confidence that they can develop and take with them into later life.

It’s not just the main artists and children involved in the concert that are motivated by the work that needs to be done. We are lucky to have a fantastic team of helpers and they are great at distributing our flyers in areas that don’t normally get touched by concert advertising, networking to encourage others to come to the concert, either as an interested individual or by highlighting that the concert is very family friendly and children are welcome.
The artists are all perfectionists and we are grateful that this is the case. Several people have been in touch to make amendments to their song choices because they felt that a different approach would enable a greater connectivity with the audience.

We’re grateful to all our artists, Faryl Smith, The Rodillian Singers, Callum Butterworth and Ben Lato for coming together and working with the children to create such a magnificent sound.
We hope that by writing this blog people will see that we are passionate about creating an event that is not only a first-class experience for anyone watching but also sends out a message that resonates with many of those audience members.

If anyone wants to purchase tickets for the concert they are still available through our website www.events-central.org and a small number of tickets will be available at Wakefield Cathedral on May 5th.

Please do come along and support all our musicians.


Happy is proud to be sponsored by Northern Powergrid and CACHE

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