We provide event budgets, flexible planning and marketing strategies. Specialist services include the provision of taxation advice for industry performers and event contractors.

At the heart of a successful event is a fluid budget that can highlight opportunities for revenue growth and pinpoint areas in which costs must be kept under control. By employing professionals who understand how events work Events Central can help others budget for their events and even help with grant sourcing and applications.

We also assist professionals who have earned significant income through their natural talents and work with those individuals to provide taxation advice and retain as much of their hard earned income as possible. Many actors or singers make relatively large sums of money when they embark on a professional career and it is important to work with good quality advisers who will work in the interests of the individual.

We build sustainable relationships with our clients so that we are the “go to” people whenever a financial issue arises. The provision of flexible budgets provides organizers with the data they need to make crucial decisions about their event.

Contact us today to arrange a no obligation discussion to see how we can assist you to spend more of your time performing or organizing without compromising your income.