It’s Simply the Fest!

Live, Learn, Love (music, dance, perform)

Our festivals are about inspiring all the family through the love of music and the arts.Join in at our educational workshops, have fun with organised activities, be inspired by our main stage performances, meet some famous faces and see how they do it.

Keeping the size right

We want you all to see the performances and experience as many things as possible, so we don’t over sell our ticket capacity. It can be disappointing when you have bought tickets to see your favourite artists only to see a dot on a stage in the distance or watch them performing on a TV screen at the back of an event field.  We try to overcome this by keeping our audiences close, creating a relaxing and intimate atmosphere.

Being Central to the Event

Events Central is about being up close and personal where possible and making things accessible for all.  Even though it may not always be possible due to external constraints, all our artists are invited to meet and greet you and all our workshops are designed for individual interaction.  VIP tickets will be available for some events, however it may not be possible for 2000 people to meet one artist personally, therefore VIP tickets will be limited.

Open Door System

Our ticket prices reflect the quality of entertainment we have chosen for you.  The best can come at a high cost.  Basically you get what you pay for. We do understand that it is not so easy for everyone to afford event tickets.  The open door system has been created to help you out.  If you can prove low income through benefits etc. please contact us.  We believe that opportunities should be for all.

Wear your Wellies

It’s what outdoor events are all about!

‘Wear your wellies, whatever the weather, Indoors, Outdoors, all good fun!
Love your wellies, wear them together, Left one, right one, Hop! Skip! Run!’

We want sunshine for our festivals but what if it rains? Who cares?…’Some people feel the rain, others just get wet!’
If the children decide to go in our Welly Splash at the Great Big Welly Fest, you’ll need to remember their wellies anyway (and a towel)!


We try and include everything in your ticket price but sometimes we throw in a few additional extras that you will need your purse for.  These may include; children’s rides, food, drink, merchandising, etc.  Please remember that quality is our motto and you will be provided with only the best, however we will endeavour to keep any extra costs to a minimum.

Loud and Clear

We love to hear from you, it helps us to know what you think. Someone once said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  We like to think we’d fix it anyway.  We’ll always try to do more of what you like.
Our creative team is constantly searching the country, researching and developing new ideas.  We hope you like what we find.